Egyptian Dream - Blue Lotus Bundle

A pair to empower & embody the Magickal Power of the Moon.

Comes with 1oz Blue Lotus Spagyric Tincture & a 5ml Ens of Blue Lotus

Formula Ratio:
Relaxant, Increases Energy Flow, Lucid Dreaming
Aphrodisiac, Anaesthetic, Sedative & Stimulating
Suggested Usage:
.5 - 1 dropper in water or tea 1-2x per day
Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Consult with your doctor if you are on medication


Flower of the Mystics

Blue lotus has long been used magicians, witches, and mystics of all traditions to invoke higher states of consciousness. Most notably, the Egyptians made use of this flower in rituals and drank in herbal wines.


Today in the modern spiritual marketplace, Blue Lotus is often used to promote lucid dreaming, euphoria and used as an aphrodisiac. While these are practical uses, they miss the mark to the depths this plant's Spirit can bring you both in your personal spiritual practice or in reflective contemplation. 


Corresponding with the Moon & the Astral Plane, this preparation has been attuned to the Astral Waters of Yesod through a shamanic technique which alters the vibrational nature of a physical substance in accordance to the specific wavelength or dimension it is being attuned to. Upon imbibing, this vibrational quality resonates within you outward, influencing your whole being and the local space around you. 


This technique activates the connection to the astral and further empowers any magickal, ritual, or psychic practice one is engaged in as it truly brings you "there," where all astral & psychic phenomena arranges itself before manifesting in the physical plane.