The Apothecary for Modern Mystics

To the Wellness Conscious Mystic, Medicine Buddha Labs is the brand of modern wellness for the Body, Mind, & Soul. We fuse Eastern & Western traditions with a bespoke touch of industrial zen for a complete experience of Unity.
We make Bespoke Alchemical Elixirs increasingly available to you


To make Bespoke Alchemical Elixirs & Tradition increasingly accessible in our society


To provide access to holistic formulas & education that aid in one's journey to Awakened Unity


  • A healthy body, mind & soul is essential for deepening one's spiritual development and unity.
  • Bespoke Alchemical Elixirs are essential for cultivating a healthy body, mind, & soul.
  • Working with Bespoke Alchemical Elixirs is the epitome of developing a healthy body, mind & soul.
  • By crafting Bespoke Alchemical Elixirs increasingly accessible in our society, we nurture the epitome of a healthy body, mind, & soul.


Cosmopolitan Approach

Our inspiration & products are drawn from tradition & systems all over the world. The integration & understandings of these systems provide a holistic approach to awakening and healing

Alchemical Authenticity

The creation of our products are rooted in authentic alchemical operations & always include one or more of the 3 principles found in alchemical philosophy

Mindful Craftsmanship

The state of our being affects every aspect of life around us on a physical, energetic, and psychic level. From sourcing materials to shipping the end product we act with mindfulness & the pure intent of aiding your balance and self discovery

Vibrationally Empowered

The study of mysticism shows us that everything has a vibratory signature. Each of our products goes through several energetic empowerments and attunements, pre & post creation, to produce a truly unique remedy for the body, mind & soul

Astrologically Aligned

We find in alchemy that every material in nature has a planetary correspondence and with each planet there are times of favored alignment. We work with each material in their own planetary & zodical alignment

Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability

Our materials are sourced from farmers, gardeners, producers, and harvesters who align with our vision & values. We always use organic when available and progressively refine our sustainability practices

Handcrafted & Small Batch

All of our materials & products are handmade in small bespoke quantities to ensure quality & perfection

Meet Taylor

Welcome to MBL, I'm very happy you've stopped by. Years ago in 2016 a Seed of Intent was planted that would flower into a Body of Work which will last a lifetime. MBL is a branded expression & project of it in itself. When I was introduced to alchemy years ago, it simply clicked. Ultimately it became the foundation for my spiritual & mystical practice that wove itself into a beautiful fabric of life that I could have only dreamed of. Now, it is my intent & aim to provide you with that same experience of wonder, fulfillment and balance that it provided me.
Through my studies in Herbalism, Alchemy & the Mystic Arts I offer you a Nexus Point to connect with and hone your own journey of Self Discovery. While I may not have all the answers, I intend to make what helped me accessible to you in your own path.
Thank you for your attention and I look forward to serving you!
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